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Ornamental Fencing
A ornamental fence not only increases the privacy, security, and value of your home, but ornamental fencing hold their value better than any other type of fencing.

We do numerous ornamental jobs every year, many of which you might have seen. We are proud that our list includes the new neighborhood pool fences that we installed in Stratford, Bartram Trail and Canterbury Farms and the pool at the Metro Augusta Builders Association Dream House in River Island.

We build each of our ornamental fences on-site. This allows the builders to adjust the fence to flow with the natural slope of your land smoothly. By contructing your fence in this manner, our wood fences ornamental having unsightly gaps at the bottom of the fence line.

Gallery of Ornamental Fence Types:
Aluminum Ornamental Fencing
We are proud to use Ultra Fence and Alumigaurd products in construction of our aluminum ornamental fences.
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  • aluminum Fence 1
  • aluminum Fence 2
  • aluminum Fence 3
  • aluminum Fence 4
  • aluminum Fence 5
  • aluminum Fence 6
  • aluminum Fence 7
  • aluminum Fence 8
  • aluminum Fence 9
  • aluminum Fence 10
  • aluminum Fence 11
  • aluminum Fence 12
Steel Ornamental Fencing
We are proud to use Ameristar Fence products in construction of our steel fences.
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  • steel Fence 1
  • steel Fence 2
  • steel Fence 3
  • steel Fence 4
  • steel Fence 5
  • steel Fence 6
  • steel Fence 7
  • steel Fence 8
  • steel Fence 9
  • steel Fence 10
  • steel Fence 11
  • steel Fence 12
  • steel Fence 13
  • steel Fence 14
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