Different Styles of Privacy Fencing

Fences may be fantastic ways of protecting your property and keeping out unwanted furry visitors, but one of the biggest advantages to having one is the privacy they can afford. The neighbors are great but that doesn’t mean you want to see them every time you walk into your backyard! 

Privacy fences should be reliable and sturdy, but different types of fencing fit different needs. Choosing the right type for your property is key to getting privacy that will last.

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Benefits of Privacy Fencing

First and foremost, homeowners love the discretion that privacy fencing affords. Whether it’s to keep children safe while they play at home or to prevent a stranger from walking up to your back door. It is especially popular if you have a pool, hot tub, or patio on your property, where privacy is key to your enjoyment.

In addition to privacy, they also provide safety. Privacy fences can keep your pets in and your neighbors’ pets out. Keeping your pets and small children safe from neighborhood animals. 

Protecting your belongings is important as well, and there’s nothing worse than spending money patio furniture, lawn tools, or toys and having them go missing. A privacy fence offers a solid barrier between your property and the elements that, while not foolproof, offers a degree of protection against damage compared to the alternatives. Moreover, privacy fences contribute to a quieter living environment by serving as a noise barrier between your space and the outside world. 

Beyond functionality, there’s a cosmetic benefit, too. Solid fences provide an attractive appearance to a property that compliments the landscaping better than chain-link can. One day, you may also want to sell your property, in which case the cosmetic upgrade can be a big boost to your curb appeal. 

Types of Privacy Fencing

To best compliment your property, whether it’s a home, business property, or other installation, you’ll need to choose the best type of privacy fencing for your needs:

Classic white picket

Best used in a residential setting, the classic white picket option is perfect for privacy fencing that will double as a visual upgrade to the property’s street view. Whether you intend to sell the house or simply want it to look nicer while protecting your family, white picket fences are a great option.

We use high-quality, pressure-treated wood to bring the classic white picket design into the 21st century with weather, pest, and moisture-resistant materials. Privacy fences can last for a long time when maintained properly. 

Luxury wood

Pressure-treated luxury pine fencing is a great option for those looking for the classic privacy fence look with added safeguards that protect your investment from the elements. Pressure-treating adds an extra layer of protection from common wood-boring pests, moisture, and heavy winds, and luckily, East Georgia Fence takes care of that for you. 

This type of fence needs to be cleaned every year or so and potentially re stained every 5 years to reapply the UV-resistant and moisture-repellant coatings that protect the wood from damage. So long as it’s properly maintained, a luxury wood privacy fence can last as long as 20 years without needing to be replaced.

High-end Vinyl

Vinyl fences have a specific modern look to them that goes beyond the aesthetic. Unlike wood fences, vinyl fences don’t warp, peel, or attract termites. The fence itself is colored, shaped, and sized to fit the chosen design. Occasional pressure washing is usually enough to keep it maintained.

Those looking for more color and style options than what’s available in wood fencing or who live in an area with frequent rain, wind, or insect infestations should consider high-end vinyl fences as a stylish alternative to the norm.

The Design Difference

In addition to choosing a material for your privacy fence, you’ll also choose a style. These include traditional slatted designs, curved designs, gated designs, and more. Choosing the right style for the property is important and the experts at EGF can help. 

Privacy Fence Installation in Augusta and throughout East Georgia 

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