fence line landscaping ideas

6 Fence Line Landscaping Ideas

Your fence line can serve a variety of purposes, delivering privacy and security for your property. However, it doesn’t have to be strictly utilitarian. With the right fencing solutions and some unique landscaping ideas, you can make your fence line a beautiful part of your property. 

  1. Evergreen Shrubs for Improved Privacy

One of the most common choices to adorn a property’s fence line is evergreen shrubs. These provide a consistent green backdrop no matter the season, unlike other plants that can take on duller colors and even lose their foliage for part of the year. 

There are countless evergreen varieties to choose from that will thrive in Georgia’s climate. Boxwood is an excellent choice for full sun exposure. The dense foliage and easy trimming can make it the perfect choice for your yard. 

For areas with full sun to part shade, you might consider holly bushes. They present a beautiful dark green color with glossy foliage and, of course, their distinctive red berries. Arborvitae is a family of evergreen shrubs that can grow tall and provide excellent coverage, perfect for enhancing privacy in yards with chain link fences. 

  1. Brightening Your Yard With Colorful Blooms

Depending on the type of fencing you choose to enhance your landscaping, you might not want to cover up too much of it. Stunning pine wood fences are beautiful enough on their own, so you want something to accent that look instead of covering it up. A variety of blooming plants can do just that. 

Hydrangeas are a favorite for low fence line garden beds. They bloom with a lush expanse of flowers and are well suited to dryer Georgia soil. You can find them in a full range of colors to brighten your yard. 

While they’re a bit more maintenance-intensive, roses are another excellent option. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can enhance your fence line with a stunning rose garden. 

  1. Create a Living Fence With Vibrant Climbers

Many people choose to use their fences as the foundation for climbing plants. These vertical gardens can be very impressive as they develop over the years. Starting now could deliver stunning results later and even improve the value of your property. 

For optimal support, consider a fence material like a sturdy pine wood fence or a chain link fence from East Georgia Fence. These provide excellent structures for climbers to grip and grow on. Also, take the time to understand the requirements of climbing plants before planting, as they require certain soil conditions.  

Clematis is a common favorite with its large star-shaped flowers and distinctive colors. Ivy is another classic choice that can make for an elegant fence line that’s also easy to maintain. Honeysuckle is an environmentally friendly choice, attracting pollinators with its fragrant flowers. 

  1. Make the Most of Native Plants

A simple wood picket fence or a classic wrought iron fence from East Georgia Fence can provide a timeless backdrop for native plants. Choosing native plants can make maintaining a garden easier because each choice is well-adapted to the local climate. It also helps keep invasive species out of the environment.  

Georgia is home to a wide range of beautiful local plant species. Black-eyed Susans, blanket flowers, and purple coneflowers are all incredibly vibrant while having the resilience to stand up to the local climate. 

You can also augment your fence line with some tall native grasses. Consider options such as little bluestem and muhly grass to liven up your yard’s fence line while sticking with local plants. 

  1. Put Hardscaping to Work

Of course, plants aren’t the only elements you can work into your yard’s landscaping. There are many potential hardscaping ideas to consider as well. 

Adding pathways, benches, or other useful items around the fenceline can let you make more practical use of your outdoor space. Choosing the right materials can help those elements accent and compliment your fencing, like a classic pine wood fence or a more modern metal one, to achieve a unified style for your yard. 

You might consider all kinds of ornaments and decorations for your fence line. Hanging ornaments and panels can make an incredible difference, along with options such as garden statues incorporated alongside plants. These decorations offer a chance for you to achieve something truly unique with your fence line. 

  1. Ornamental Fencing for Your Fence Line

Maybe you want the stunning fence line without the extensive landscaping, which can work great if you don’t have the space or time for maintenance. Ornamental fences from East Georgia Fence are definitely the way to go if this is you. They add some elegance and style without elaborate landscaping and look incredible. Our fences are also easy to care for.  

Ornamental fencing has three benefits–from enhanced privacy to security and curb appeal. The timelessness of this elegant-looking fence style can also potentially contribute to the property’s lasting value in a way that some types of shrubs and plants will not.  

Achieving Beautiful Fencing in Georgia 

You can put these landscaping ideas to work to achieve a stunning fenceline with the right fence to compliment it. However, you also need to make sure you choose quality fencing in the first place. East Georgia Fence provides a full range of beautiful and reliable fencing. Reach out for a quote on your next fencing project.