The Future of Fencing | 6 Trends

The Future of Fencing | 6 Trends

There are plenty of new trends when it comes to boundary fence design. Taking advantage of one of these timeless and beautiful trends will lend curb appeal to your home that never goes out of style. A closer look at these trends can provide you with an excellent starting point for designing your property fence.  

  1. Take Traditional in a New Direction With Horizontal Slats 

Whether you’re planning a fence replacement or you’re installing a fence for the first time, you might want a design that stands out. You can achieve a unique look by installing a horizontal slat fence. This design creates a minimalist look that adds more sophistication to your home’s exterior style.  

Horizontal slat fences add a touch of class to homes in both urban and rural settings. You can install the slats with slight gaps between them or position them closer for enhanced privacy. This contemporary design will never lose its modern flair.  

  1. Enjoy Worry-Free Fencing With Vinyl 

If you’re looking for an easy fence design and a barrier wall that requires very little maintenance, a vinyl fence is the best option. Vinyl fences remain trendy due to their clean and sleek appearance.   

Unlike other materials, vinyl won’t rot or rust. This durable material will last for decades and only requires occasional pressure washing to remove dirt, debris, and grass stains.  

Design options are almost unlimited when it comes to creating your vinyl fence. You can choose any color, which makes it convenient to match the tone and shading of your home. Additionally, you can choose an authentic wood grain texture or keep the vinyl surface smooth.  

  1. Stay Sustainable With Eco-Friendly Fencing 

As you explore the fencing materials currently available on the market, keeping things eco-friendly might be a concern. A pressure-treated pine fence will meet your sustainability concerns. Unlike other materials, processing wood to create this type of fence doesn’t involve manufacturing methods that contribute to greenhouse gasses.  

Pressure-treated wood will last longer than traditional wood, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the fence frequently. While there is a little more care involved with maintaining a pine wood fence, the beauty of natural wood makes the extra care worthwhile.  

  1. Enhance Privacy Without Inhibiting Sunlight and Airflow With Lattice Panels 

Lattice panel fences are made from crisscrossing strips of wood or vinyl to create a pattern of diamond-shaped gaps. The gaps can be as small or large as you choose. For more privacy, design the lattices with smaller gaps. If you’re more concerned with airflow and sunlight exposure, opt for larger gaps.  

Lattice panel fences present a unique opportunity to add more character to your property. For example, you can grow ivy or another vine plant on the fence. Look for a vine plant that blooms in the summer to bring more color to your fence. You can also hang potted plants from the lattices.  

  1. Design a Smart Fence for Better Home Security 

Whether you are considering ornamental fences for your property or you prefer the traditional look of a wood fence, you can add several features to improve functionality. If you want to address security concerns, you can turn any fence into a smart fence.   

Once your pressure-treated pine or wrought iron fence is fully installed, you can add electronic equipment, such as motion detectors, smart lights, or security cameras on the fence’s posts.   

Modern security equipment links to apps that you can download on your computer or mobile device. This connectivity makes it easier to monitor your property from inside your home or from farther away.  

  1. Make a Statement With Dark and Matte Finishes 

The beauty of a pressure-treated pine wood fence is that you can customize it with any color that you find appealing. Similarly, vinyl fences come in a variety of colors and shades. A timeless trend that homeowners have revived is the use of dark colors and matte finishes.   

Flat, dark colors make a bold statement. Choose from deep blue, charcoal gray, or matte black. Dark maroon or forest green also fit this trend. The advantage of using a darker tone is that they complement most architectural styles and home colors.  

Design Your Fence With the Experts  

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